Equipment & Instruments

Consoles: Soundcraft TS-12 With Modified Mic Pre’s and Eq’s

DAW's:   1. ALL ROOMS Pro Tools,  Logic, Ableton, Studio One


PLUG In’s: UAD: Ultimate Bundle, Waves: Mercury with Studio Classic Collection and many others incliding Steven Slate, Melodyne etc…... NO CRACKS so NO computer crashes or issues.

Interfaces: Digidesign HD/IO's,  Lynx 16 I/O’s, UAD Apollo interfaces w/DSP and plug ins, Apogee Duet.

Mic's:  (1) Telefunkin ELA M 251, (2) Telefunken ELA M 260, (2) Neumann U87, (4) AKG 414TLII’s, AKG 460, AKG C214, AKG D112, AEA R92 Ribbon Mic, (2) AKG 451’s, (3) Sennheiser 421’s, (3) Shure SM57’s, Audio Technica 4047 and MANY OTHERS. 

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Mic Pre’s: EQ’s & Compressors: (3) Neve 1073’ , Avalon, API, Chandler, Trident, Focusrite, Avedis MA5 and more

EQ’s & Compressors: (2)Teletronix LA-2A, Neve/Chandler LTD-2, (2) UA 1176, (2) Neve 1073’s, (2) Neve 1073 Clones with 1081 EQ’s , API, Chandler, Trident, Avedis MA5 (2) WA76, (1) WA-2A and more

Monitors:  3 Sets of ADAM’s, Tannoy Ellipse 8’s, Yamaha NS10m Studios, Dynaudio, Event Tria System with Sub & Others

GTR's:  Many Choices

Amp’s: Many Choices

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Bass:  Many Choices

Drums: Gretch Pro Kit

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